The Soul of High-Performance

specialized program for overachievers and high performers who are burnt out and overwhelmed.

Drop the hustle of perfection and fear of failure and move into ease, confidence, and clarity to master your energy and uplevel your life.


Did you know...

You have 60,000 thoughts every single day

But if you’re always on the go, in hustle mode, never slowing down, and constantly trying to control everything around you, very few of those thoughts are actually contributing to you being the highest version of yourself.

In order to shift, change, grow, and make the impact that you dream about…something has to change.

Thanks to this amazing little thing called neuroplasticity, it turns out that choosing new thoughts actually starts to rewire your brain.

My vision for you

You get to support yourself in becoming the person in your vision. Someone who chooses to:

This is how you become a high-performance leader, both personally and professionally.


the Soul of high-performance
A 12-week program featuring MIND MAGIC® that will teach you the “how” behind all of the personal development that you can use the power of choice to create the highest level of freedom you’ve ever experienced.

imagine this...

You have the power to...

Imagine having the power to consciously shift how you feel, who you’re being, and what you’re able to achieve…no matter what’s going on in your external circumstances.

You’ll stop waiting ‘til you’re motivated, ‘til you get that promotion, ‘til you get the recognition you deserve…(it’s never enough, is it?)


You won’t be relying on conditional happiness anymore.

You’ll simply be: 

It all starts with realizing this:

You’re the problem AND the solution.

When you’ve embraced your innate worthiness and you’re willing to take radical personal responsibility for how you think…that’s when you really get free.


nice to meet you

I'm Nickey, your high-performance career coach

Let’s be real here for a minute: being an overachiever at work seems like a strength. You’re praised for overdelivering and putting in more hours than everyone else. Everyone comes to you when they need something fixed. You get recruited into meetings and asked to be on committees for the company’s latest innovation or project. You might even move up the company ladder faster than others.

But all this achievement has a dark side.

I know it well. As a reformed overachiever, I understand the hidden costs of making everyone at work happy. I’ve experienced the burnout, the lack of boundaries, the lack of respect that takes you by surprise, and the sting of being passed up for an opportunity even when you’ve earned it.

The truth is that overachieving sounds good, but it’s undermining your success. After taking a long, hard look at my patterns of over-delivering at work, and all the stress it was causing me, I knew something needed to change.

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