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I'm Nickey, your high-performance career coach

Let’s be real here for a minute: being an overachiever at work seems like a strength. You’re praised for overdelivering and putting in more hours than everyone else. Everyone comes to you when they need something fixed. You get recruited into meetings and asked to be on committees for the company’s latest innovation or project. You might even move up the company ladder faster than others.  

But all this achievement has a dark side.

I know it well. As a reformed overachiever, I understand the hidden costs of making everyone at work happy. I’ve experienced the burnout, the lack of boundaries, the lack of respect that takes you by surprise, and the sting of being passed up for an opportunity even when you’ve earned it. 

The truth is that overachieving sounds good, but it’s undermining your success. After taking a long, hard look at my patterns of over-delivering at work, and all the stress it was causing me, I knew something needed to change.

“Sure, I can do that” and other phrases I’ve regretted saying...

After becoming a single mom at 25, I realized that my future was up to me;  becoming successful felt like an absolute necessity. So when accounting presented itself as an opportunity, I dove right in. Even though it wasn’t exciting for me, I learned a lot. But I also couldn’t say No. I didn’t want to disappoint anybody, so I worked harder and harder, thinking I would one day achieve “the prize.” I didn’t realize that the prize was imaginary, disguised as raises, bonuses, and promotions.

Exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks, and I lashed out at the people around me in frustration. Trying to escape my overwhelming emotions, I numbed myself – but that only made things worse. It seemed nothing could satisfy me; no matter how hard I worked or achieved, it wasn’t enough. Feeling empty inside yet driven by an urge to do more left me burned out and worn down without reward…until, eventually, something had to give!

2018 marked a turning point for me. Nothing sparked my interest anymore; instead of feeling excitement or joy, helping people felt like another chore on the list. My body was empty and exhausted but with no physical signs – just an inexplicably dark void that paralyzed me from making any decisions. Despite still going through the motions daily – work, being at my daughter’s activities, etc. – everything seemed hollow, like something important had gone missing.

So I began an exploration of trying to find my passion again. I realized I was always trying to do more to prove myself. Everything slipped through my fingers in my quest for validation from others because this “not good enough” mindset kept me bogged down internally. That internal dialogue held a lot more power than any external approval could have. I realized that people were mirroring what I secretly told myself daily: perhaps greatness wasn’t something within reach after all! But once I stopped seeking an outside source for self-worth and started recognizing my value from the inside, things began shifting into place.

By letting go of limiting beliefs, I was able to open up a world of possibilities. After shifting my mindset and internalizing how valuable I truly am, it felt like the universe started mirroring that back at me! Opportunities began rolling in – including a job where even one co-worker called me ‘a badass’!

Experimentation is now an integral part of who I am; it’s my way to stay connected to myself while keeping life interesting and ever-evolving.

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My roadtrip playlist must include: Latch by Disclosure and Sam Smith


My superpower is: Going deep within myself, understanding the meaning, and turning it into purpose. I am a Scorpio so I see the depths of my soul and articulate it back into the world in simple language so people can see themselves in it.


My phone’s current wallpaper is: Pictures that emulate my guiding-life feelings of Trust, Courage, and Love

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